Deliverable 1.1 (December 2017)

Preliminary Identification and Fitting Methods Applicable to Electrical Models

This deliverable set the ground for the AEMS-IdFit project by stating the problem, the different electrical models in Saber RD provided by Airbus and a State-of-the-Art of methods and techniques used for parameter identification and system identification.

  • Problem statement: It shows a general review of white-box, grey-box and black box models and how they are solved from a mathematical approach, it states the main differences between them and which approach is the ideal for this project.
  • Saber RD models: Review of the pre-existing models in Saber RD of the DC/DC converters, inverter, and filters in open loop and closed loop.
  • State of the Art: Different methods of estimating parameters in white-box systems were reviewed and the advantages and disadvantages were analyzed. Also, methods to identify the behavior of black-box systems are presented and explained.

The Deliverable 1.1 is a public document, which can be found in this webpage.