Deliverable 3.1 (December 2018)

Preliminary Toolbox to fit electrical models according to experimental data

In this deliverable the white-box based methods to identify the parameters of the converter models from experimental data have been developed and tested. Such models include the key parameters to model the dynamic behavior of such devices. The components which parameters were identified are:

  • Buck converter
  • Boost converter
  • Buck-boost converter
  • Six-pulse diode rectifier

The equations that dictate the dynamical behavior of such devices have been included in the report in order to ease the process of deriving white-box models of such devices.

Different signal post-processing tools including resizing and filtering have been developed in order to facilitate the posterior parameter identification stage.

The accuracy of the identification and fitting tools has been validated against experimental data, showing in all cases a mean error below 5% when the output voltage is taken as a reference.

This deliverable allows fulfilling the requirements of milestone M1 (Preliminary version of identification & fitting  methods, model library & Fitting Toolbox – validation according to experimental data):The preliminary version of the identification and fitting tools developed within the AEMS-IdFit project will be validated against measured data provided by the Topic Manager. These data will also be used to determine the quality and accuracy of the results attained.”