Deliverable 2.2 (December 2019)

Refined Update of generic electrical SABER model library

This deliverable presents the updated and final version of the models in Saber RD. After adding new elements to the initial designs, considering parasitic effects and modelling the controller, the models were updated and tested. 

The accuracy of the final designs is calculated by comparing the results of the simulations with the experimental measurements of a real DC/DC converter, inverter and filter. In the graphs presented in the document it is evident the resemblance between the updated models and the acquired data from real converters. 

The new Saber RD library is provided to Airbus together with a help document that presents a step-by-step the procedure to use the elements of the library and how to connect them. The MAST codes of each element are also provided. 

NARX neural networks models are developed and tested with the electrical machines to develop balck-box models. It is shown that the after training the networks, the results are accurate when they are compared to the expected outputs of the system.