Deliverable 2.1 (June 2018)

Preliminary update of the generic electrical SABER model library

In this deliverable the Saber RD models have been upgraded. Such models include the key parameters to model the dynamic behavior of motors and generators, power converters, rectifiers and filters .

The upgraded SaberRD models include:

  • Buck converter
  • Boost converter
  • Buck-boost converter
  • Six-pulse diode rectifier
  • Passive filter for inverter
  • Permanent magnet synchronous machine
  • Synchronous machine (salient pole or round rotor)

The SaberRD models of the electrical and electronic power devices listed above and the MAST codes have been provided to Airbus.

The equations that dictate the dynamical behavior of such devices have been included in the report in order to ease the process of deriving white-box models of such devices.

An assessment of the performance of white box parameter identification methods was done in all electronics components (including open- and closed-loop models), based on simulated data, thus showing the potential of such methods.